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Peter W. Rugg, MD, FACEP

Peter W. Rugg, MD, FACEP

Medical Director

As our Medical Director at Northeast Private Client Group, Dr. Rugg ensures that clients' medical history is accurately documented and kept confidential throughout the underwriting process.

Dr. Peter Rugg is Board Certified in Internal & Emergency Medicine. He graduated with honors from University of Massachusetts School of Medicine in 1982 and has been practicing in Holden, MA for more than 38 years. Dr. Rugg is also the founder of Rugg Wellness.

Peter is eager to share his passion for a healthy lifestyle incorporating healthy food choices, supplementation, exercise, self-care, and sleep to increase our health span not just our lifespan.

  • Amherst College trained neuroscientist specializing in human neurophysiology
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School trained MD specializing in Functional Medicine
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Fellow American College of Emergency Physicians
  • Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Co-Founder, Rugg Wellness, PC, Functional Medicine Practice
  • Owner, PWR Group, educating and working with athletes to improve conditioning, performance, and endurance, lecturing on optimal nutrition, lifestyle enhancement, and the connection between lifestyle and degenerative disease