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Lucas Murphy

Lucas Murphy is an Associate at Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group. Lucas aids Lead Advisors by preparing them for meetings and is the main point of contact for clients. He is motivated by the high-trust relationships he has formed with the clients who rely on him and the joy that comes from watching those clients succeed. Lucas specializes in insurance and finds fulfillment in helping clients protect their lives and their estates.

From growing up and seeing his father work hard in the financial industry to finding inspiration to open his first brokerage account, Lucas has spent most of his life learning as much as he could about the financial world. He eventually attended the Shack Institute of Real Estate at NYU before becoming a full-time member of Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group in 2020.

Lucas currently resides in Short Hills, New Jersey, where he enjoys learning lessons in antiquity, reading philosophy, and discovering new restaurants in town.

Lucas Murphy is an agent of Northeast Sequoia Private Client Group, an agency of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. CA Insurance License #4136324