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Giannina Cortez

Giannina Cortez

Business Case Manager for Insurance

Giannina has been working in the financial industry for over five years, with previous experience spent working in the finance departments of Camin Cargo Control and the town hall of Livingston. She oversees the management process of assessing and facilitating our clients’ cases, as well as admitting new clients and suggesting process improvements for our company as a whole.

Giannina is motivated by the power of learning and growth, and is passionate about self-improvement. This passion has driven her in her career, as she seeks to help our clients receive the knowledge they need to grow and improve in their financial lives. She loves the fast-paced, challenging nature of the financial industry, as it is constantly testing her and encouraging her to learn new things. She is a social person and loves talking to people, so interacting with clients is always one of her favorite parts of the job.

Born in Peru, Giannina and her family came to the United States when she was 13 years old. At the time, they had nothing but the goal of achieving the American Dream, and a commitment to putting each other first. The hard work of her parents, Nina and Beto, in building a life in America inspired Giannina from a young age. They and her big brother, Franco, have always cheered her on in striving to reach her goals. She considers her mother to be her example in everything, especially in how to be a strong woman.

Giannina currently lives in New Jersey, where she loves reading, going to the gym, and playing volleyball. Spending time with her dogs and dancing bring her joy and peace in her life, and you’ll often find her dancing salsa and doing Zumba.

Giannina received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Rutgers Business School and is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Finance through Eude Business School in Madrid, Spain.