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Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to work with clients through long-term, trusted relationships. To deliver tailored, objective and thoughtful advice designed to inspire confidence, provide reassurance, and the ability to pursue YOUR passions, dreams and goals. 

Our Core Values:

Our Core Values:

- Create a wow experience

- Accountable & dependable team players

- Emotional fitness

- Great people skills

- Self-managing / growth mindset

- Confident but humble

- Be innovative - be abundant

A Team Committed to Your Financial Future

A Team Committed to Your Financial Future

Northeast Private Client Group is a boutique financial services advisory with a clear message and core values that keep us delivering excellence everyday.

We are key business strategists and critical thinkers serving entrepreneurs and professionals to build real wealth, and in most cases, multigenerational wealth.

We founded our business on the simple idea that careful listening and active engagement is the best way to help our clients achieve financial balance.  

Mark Murphy

Mark B. Murphy, CLU®, ChFC®

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Hay

Kathy Hay

Director of Relationship Management

Northeast Private Client Group has helped over 3,000 clients in the last 30+ years. We’ve worked with people in all stages of life, helping to advise them on the administration of over 1 billion in assets, as of June 2022.

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